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What is Banquette Seating?

What is banquette seating?

What is a Banquette Seat?

A banquette is a specially designed seat or bench that fits into a space, often along a wall. Also called fixed, booth, or bench seating, it’s prevalent in restaurants and cafes, maximizing space and providing a distinctive seating option.

Banquette Seating run

What is Banquette Seating?

Banquette seating is a versatile and space-saving furniture arrangement commonly used in various settings, from restaurants and cafes to residential dining areas. It typically consists of fixed benches and upholstered seats, often positioned along walls to maximise space utilisation. A run of banquette seating not only provides a comfortable and inviting atmosphere but also encourages social interaction.

What is Booth Seating?

Booth seating refers to a type of seating arrangement characterised by fixed or semi-fixed benches, though unlike Banquette Seats, are often shown paired with a table.

Commonly found in restaurants, cafes, and diners, booth sets create private and cozy spaces for patrons. They can feature high backs and side dividers, offering a sense of seclusion. Booth seating is appreciated for its comfort, space efficiency, and the ability to accommodate varying group sizes.

Booth Set

What's the difference between a Booth Set and Banquette Seating?

BBooth seating typically refers to fixed seating, sometimes with high backs and dividers, commonly found in restaurants. These seating arrangements are often configured in a continuous row, positioned back to back with one another.

Banquette seating, on the other hand, is a more general term encompassing various configurations of upholstered benches or seats, commonly placed along walls in diverse settings, including restaurants, cafes, or homes. While a booth set is a specific type of seating arrangement, banquette seating is a broader concept that includes a variety of designs and configurations.

Bench Seating

What is a Bench Seat?

A bench seat, in the context of banquette seating, is a specific type of seating configuration. In banquette seating, a bench seat typically refers to a long, upholstered seat that is often placed along a wall or used as a part of a built-in seating arrangement. 


Bench seats can have a backrest or be backless, and it may include cushions for added comfort. Banquette seating, as a broader term, encompasses various configurations, and a bench seat is one of the common elements used to create comfortable and space-efficient seating in different settings, such as restaurants, cafes, or residential dining areas.

Classic Style Banquette Seating

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Compact Banquette Seating

Our best-selling modular range, available in three different heights and 100's of configurations. Ideal for making privacy spaces and booth sets.

Why should I have Banquette Seating for my business?

Elevate your dining space with our versatile and stylish restaurant booth seating options, ranging from classic banquette seating to contemporary round booth seating and space-efficient corner booth seating, designed to enhance the ambiance and comfort of your establishment. Our booth sets and banquette runs are ideal for cafe furniture, bar furniture, pub furniture and office breakout furniture. Here’s some of the top benefits of banquette seating in your establishment.
  1. Space Efficiency: Banquette seating is designed to fit snugly against walls, maximizing space utilisation. It allows you to accommodate more patrons without sacrificing comfort.

  2. Versatility: It comes in various styles and configurations, allowing for customisation to match the aesthetic of your business. This versatility makes it suitable for different types of establishments.

  3. Comfort and Privacy: Banquette seating often features high backs and sometimes dividers, providing a sense of privacy and comfort for diners. This can enhance the overall dining experience and encourage customers to stay longer.

  4. Aesthetics and Ambiance: The design of banquette seating contributes to the overall aesthetics of your business, creating a visually appealing and cohesive interior. It can help define the ambiance you want to achieve.

  5. Flexibility in Layout: Banquette seating can be adapted to various floor plans, making it easier to rearrange and optimise the seating layout based on changing needs or special events. Our booth & banquette seating can be moved and the configuration easily changed whenever you need.

  6. Branding Opportunities: Customised banquette seating can be a unique branding element, incorporating your business’s colors, logo, or design elements to create a distinctive look. Contact us for more information on upholstered unit branding.

  7. Customer Flow: Well-designed banquette seating can contribute to a smooth and organised customer flow within your establishment, especially in busy environments like restaurants.