F902 Chrome Gaslift Stool – Zebrawoodsales@hcfcontract.co.ukOctober 16, 2023November 28, 2023

F902 Chrome Gaslift Stool – Zebrawood


Chrome and zebra wood or walnut gaslift stool The zebra or walnut wood seat is moulded for ergonomics, making it a comfortable place to sit. The bottom of the seat with its stripy pattern doubles back on itself, giving the stool a dynamic aesthetic, added to by the chrome stem that rises through a hole cut out of the wood. On this stem is a crafted footrest made from tubular steel and plated in chrome that ties in with the whole piece. With an adjustable height gas lift, 360 degree swivel mechanism and a large, sturdy base beneath which is a rubber ring made to keep all floors unscathed. Weight: Approx. 6kg

Supplied KD – for self assembly

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Indoor / Outdoor



Not Stackable



Chair Type

High Chair / Stool